Pringle Bay Village Festival

by Lu Jansen van Rensburg |

It's that time of the year again!

My favourite festival of all time. The Pringle Bay Village Festival!

What makes it my favourite festival? The community that welcomes visitors with such amazing hospitality. I think you come as a stranger and leave as a friend. Some people never leave...

Oh, and the food, entertainment, stalls, fun run, mountain biking,'s all of great quality! Then there's the fact that it is hosted in the beautiful Kogelberg Biosphere, surrounded by mountains, has a great beach and is in a conservation area.

Beautiful Scenery, Warm hospitality, Fun activities = My favourite festival

And when you are here, don't forget to come say hello to us at the Le Riche Shop!



White Cape May

by Lushinka Louw |

The local fisherman in Pringle Bay know it as "Aasbossie" (Bait bush). Basically, after fishing with foul smelling bait the whole day, this is the cure. I'm smiling as I write this. Clearly, even they realize they need to smell better before going back into civilization.

The perfumed leaves of this Fynbos species is highly aromatic and prized by locals. Here at Le Riche Perfumery, we use it in our Fynbos style perfume called VERT. This green floral style perfume literally takes you on a fragrant journey through Fynbos. I love it for the memories it evokes. Have you ever gone kloofing in the Grabouw mountains, ziplined on a hot summer day and fallen down for a rest on a picnic blanket surrounded by sun baked Fynbos? This is the journey Vert takes me on... It's a tribute to our unique biosphere and Coleonema is centre stage.

If you'd like to learn more about Coleonema Album, this website is a great resource:

Happy exploring and remember to stop and smell the Fynbos!

XXX Lushinka Louw


African Lemon Bush

by Lushinka Louw |

Ah, the essential oil that has ruined a good many blends...Use with caution!

If you are trying to add a mossy, green and somewhat singular tone to your fragrance blend, this is what Lippia Javanica can help to do. When blended pleasingly, it imparts the pleasant mossy scent of ferns in a typical mountain kloof (gorge), to the blend. If it is not enveloped by a sturdy well balanced blend, you might find it overwhelms with the fragrance of rotting plant rotting ferns in a kloof...which some animals used as a toilet...

It certainly takes some practice to use in blends, but it is well worth it, simply for it's uniqueness and lovely medicinal value.

I find it pairs well with mint and citrus essential oils and Coleonema Album, but it pairs terribly with Buchu (Betulina). That blend might be reserved for air fresheners when your guests have overstayed their welcome... 

For more information on this amazing little powerhouse visit:

Fragrant Indigenous Plants

by Lushinka Louw |

Our courtyard garden at Le Riche Naturals in Pringle Bay is filled with fragrant and medicinal indigenous plants. Ok, it doesn't rival the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens down the road, but we are fond of exploring the little garden during our Fragrance Workshops. The fragrances of our indigenous flora are surprising, captivating and thought provoking.

My favourite indigenous fragrant plants are:

Pelargonium Graveolens Roseum (Rose scented Geranium)

Pelargonium Tometosum (Peppermint Scented Geranium)

Pelargonium Citronellum (Lemon Scented Geranium)

Lippia Javanica ( African Lemon Bush)

Coleonema Album (Cape May)

There are many more, but these are truly the crowd pleasers!

For more information on our indigenous species and their medicinal value visit:

Happy exploring and next time stop to smell the Fynbos!

XXX Lushinka Louw





Fragrance workshops

by Lu Jansen van Rensburg |

November 2017 we opened the doors of our gorgeous premises in Central Road, Pringle Bay. It has been exciting!

Should you ever visit us, you would be able to walk through our courtyard garden filled with fragrant and indigenous plants, shop in our retail space, glance into our manufacturing lab and have a chat in our office. It's like a one stop shop!

We have even decided to host Fragrance Workshops to promote unique Fynbos essential oils and natural fragrance blending. It has been a great idea that we thoroughly enjoy. One of the great joys in life is to see the excitement someone experiences when they have created a divine fragrance that resonates with their being.  

Currently, we are have Friday and Saturday mornings available for booking a Fragrance workshop. For group bookings, we require 8 or more participants. For individual bookings, have a look on our facebook page or contact us and we'll let you know the dates these workshops are running. (

We look forward to giving you a fragrant welcome!