Our story

November 2013 Lushinka le Riche started formulating skin care products to improve her daughter’s eczema.

The results were life changing.

She went on to found Le Riche Naturals in January 2015, in London, United Kingdom.

Tragedy struck, and her family moved back to South Africa to be close to family and friends. However, the story of Le Riche Naturals was far from over… by 2016 Le Riche Naturals was fully functional in South Africa.

Inspired by the rich biodiversity of her home country, she launched an indigenous perfume range and incorporated remarkable indigenous oils into the Le Riche Naturals Skincare range, giving it a distinct African character.

She opened her first shop in Pringle Bay, situated in the Kogelberg Biosphere in the Western Cape in November 2017.

The joy of working with unique indigenous fragrance material, the health benefits and self-discovery of formulating a fragrance, was something she wanted to share.

From December 2017, there were regular Perfume Workshops in Pringle Bay, and people came from all over the Western Cape to have the unique experience.

(Lushinka will be quick to point out that her first Perfume Workshop had only one attendee, but she loved every moment and knew she wanted to help more people find their unique spark through fragrance.)

In April 2019, Le Riche Naturals is moved closer to Cape Town, and found a warm welcome from Vredenheim Wine and Game Farm in Stellenbosch. Bespoke premises were built, including a small batch manufacturing lab, an office, a retail shop and a permanent space for hosting perfume workshops.

A new season began, until March 2020, when all wine farms and venues were closed. 

November 2021, Juniper Day Spa, moved into the premises and partnered with Le Riche Naturals to continue to provide a space for hosting Perfume Workshops and Pampering Treatments in their Beauty Salon in Vredenheim Farm in Stellenbosch.

Our new adventure in 2022 is to reconnect with our clients by traveling all around Cape Town and hosting our very popular Natural Perfume Workshops! 

Feel free to browse our web store and peruse our products. You are very welcome. Should you have any comments, queries or would like to know more about us, drop us an email. We are here to provide a wonderful experience for our customers and that includes having open lines of communication. We love hearing from you.
Warm Regards