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Our Story.... 


Two different customers on two different continents, incidentally both teachers, sent me the same WhatsApp after trying these products for the first time, “My skin is in heaven!”.  I loved it. The smile on my face was one of complete elation. It made all the research, hard work and faith of the past 18 months completely worth it. To me, these products are beyond compare. To my customers, these products give relief to stressed, sensitive and troubled skin like nothing else.

 There is nothing half-hearted about these products. My dear friend, Nina, who was the maid of honour at my wedding, gave me a knowing look as I told her about my enterprise. She commented, “It’s just like you. There’s no half measures. It’s completely abundant. It’s a celebration. I can see you’ve enjoyed yourself a lot!” She knows me well.

These products certainly come from the heart and from a great need, yet I was only able to do something about it because of my scientific training. I am grateful that I had the skills to start this enterprise. I am now grateful for the adversity of eczema in my face and on my daughters body, because it was a powerful driving force. I am most grateful that I truly love the process, the job that I am doing, because it gives my work longevity. This means that these products will be around to help many more people, as we spread the news and reap the benefits.

 I’m often asked questions about where the products originate. In the beginning, my stepsister assumed that I was importing and selling the products. She was not the first to make the assumption. She was surprised when I told her I make it myself. “I develop the recipes. I manufacture the product. I fill the containers. I even label it myself. And why wouldn’t I? I am an industrial engineer, a trained  manufacturing specialist. I developed the range in the UK, and my products went through rigorous testing. Today it is approved for sale anywhere in the EU. I’ve jumped the hurdles, ticked the boxes and delivered an excellent quality product. Why wouldn’t I continue with something that I know works?” Her reply? Very positive. These days her skin is looking lovely from using my products and she keeps me busy with referrals. I could not have asked for more support.    

 This brings me to the special way these products are made and what it means to people who use it. The raw ingredients are not refined beyond recognition, stripped of all its bio-activity and formulated to achieve a three to five year shelf life. The range is fresh, crafted in micro-batches, ensuring the natural ingredients are treated with respect and never heated above a certain temperature. This meticulous process maintains these products’ vivid natural character, aroma and nutrients. When using the products, customers soon notice the difference. Usually they express it by saying ‘It’s a wow product.’. On further questioning, I get a variety of answers, some of which I’ll recount here. (You can also read about it in the customer testimonials and see some before and after pictures posted on our Facebook page.) “My skin no longer burns when I cleanse and moisturize my face.” “That tight feeling is gone and my skin feels wonderfully moisturized.” “My skin is no longer dull, but glows.”  These comments are a result of staying true to the ingredients’ natural composition, excluding the use of harsh chemical additives and the careful selection of potent actives. It makes people feel comfortable and happy in their skin. If it does that for you, I celebrate with you. It’s the greatest reward of my work.


Feel free to browse our web store and peruse our products. You are very welcome. Should you have any comments, queries or would like to know more about us, drop us an email. We are here to provide a wonderful experience for our customers and that includes having open lines of communication. We love hearing from you.


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