Read what some of our customers have to say

"We moved to Pringle Bay in September 2017. In time I started noticing the shop, in part because the logo reminded me of my own, and I started asking around. The people were full of praise and from the word go I was in love! It smelled sooo delicious! I am a big supporter of natural products. Needless to say, I left with my first travel kit to try the products and I’m happy from day one, still using the products today! My skin is sensitive and doesn’t like an excess of scrubbing and scouring and layering of products, so the luxe oil cleanser, night balm and miracle moisturiser is all I use for a happy and healthy skin! I no longer wear foundation because it is no longer necessary. In time I would love to try the other products and the luxurious body lotions! I will happily (and have) recommend the products to others! What makes the range special is that there aren’t 6 different day creams to confuse one, but just one that really works, regardless of skin type.” - Sindy Radyn
“Thank you so much for supplying me with my amazing products as per usual!
I have to share! Apart from the fact that I had extremely dry skin, I had noticed some sagging, redness, sensitivity and pigmentation. Since using your products religiously every day (not as I previously did haphazardly) I have experienced soft, supple and moisturized skin. No more burning, no more tight skin and  visible elasticity returning to my “aging” skin. Yayness! Thanks for showing me how to use the products together.
I don’t even attempt to use anything else anymore. I have been offered so many samples from other cosmetic companies but I refuse to use them. (Think they are piling up in my Drawer!) I just can’t get myself to use anything with chemicals anymore. Being educated about what goes into these other products are shocking to say the least. It really has become so important to me to use something that is responsibly sourced, free from Chemicals and something that actually works. And then too many of the other natural products I have tried in the past was just aqueous cream with oils in them really. Your formulations really are unique and really works!
I have also used your sample perfume you gave me. I have to tell you I have received numerous compliments... from MEN! Hahaha! My husband seems to have his nose in my neck more often than not lately and he says he can’t get enough of my scent. Thanks for that! Our little secret pls. He really doesn’t have to know it’s really perfume! 😊 I would like a sample for a friend of mine if that is ok?
Thank you once again. I am completely converted.” - Lize Webb
"I have to say that I'm not normally the kind of person to purchase any kind of product but "Oh my Hat!"am I glad I decided to try the Le Riche range! It has transformed my skin! The cleanser makes your skin feel silky smooth and both the day cream and night cream leave your skin feeling moisturised and rejuvenated!! The ganache is purely fantastic and I'm yet to find a better hand cream! Thank you Le Riche...my skin truly is in heaven!" - Renette Fourie
"I always had a good skin. Thanks to the wonderful genes of my grandmamma, however, as the gruelling teenage hormones invaded my personal space, the ever so soft glowing skin quickly faded :(. As for pregnancy hormones in my later 20's it really didnt enhance my already bland skin. But oh what a glorious day when I found a piece of pure goodness right on my doorstep - Le Riche Wow, the miracle day cream was amazing, but nothing prepared me for that oh so luxurious regenerating night balm. For someone on the verge of becoming 30, I feel and look like a teenager again(minus the spots and horrible bumps!) Thanks Le Riche for bringjng my skin back to life!" - Lenise de Jager
"These products have been an absolute joy to use. From the wonderfully luxurious luxe oil wash to the miracle day cream and regenerating night balm I could not find anything that I didn't fall in love with. My skin has never felt this pampered! As for the fragrance free hand and body ganache? I couldn't find anything more effective on the market for my toddler's eczema. I am a happy woman and a happy mummy!" - Hester Botha
"The best skin products that I have used in years. Love the fact that all the ingredients are natural - no chemicals on my skin. The night cream is my favourite!" - Corne de Beer
"Absolutely in love with this range, can't do without the night balm! My skin feels amazing, and it smells GORGEOUS! Perfect gift if you can bare to part with it... I am almost out of my supply already as my fiance keeps pinching it! Love :-)" - Leah van Zyl
"I received a package for my birthday all the way from London filled with the most wonderful face and body products. Le Riche does its name proud. The rich, fragrant products will leave your skin feeling nourished and glowing all over. Best of all, it’s all natural. Go ahead, treat yourself and your skin!" - Anel Alexander, South Africa