Through the Le Riche Academy, we connect (or re-connect) people to the joy of creating something that is useful, unique and healthy.

Our workshops focus on creating a safe space where participants can explore and create, be hands-on and have fun.

This speaks to the core of our philosophy. We believe there is a unique “fragrance” in each person… a little something that lights them up. We treasure this sparkle, which is why our workshops have a distinct coaching style. This approach has proven to be more empowering and engaging to our participants, and we see wonderful fragrances created at each workshop.

When our participants go home and lovingly create personalised gifts for friends and family, it becomes a beautiful glow that lights up their world.

A special moment for us at Le Riche Naturals came one evening at our Sparkly Customer Appreciation party in February 2019. One of our workshop participants came with two of her friends. During the conversation one of the friends took a well-worn label out of her wallet. Her fragrant Christmas gift used to have this label. It listed the essential oils of the blend, a beautiful name and all the qualities her friend appreciated in her. We could see she treasured it. It was a deep connection through something as simple and yet as powerful as fragrance. It lit her up.