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Oil of the Month – December: Peppermint Scented Geranium Essential Oil

Decembers are made up of cloudless blue skies, freshly cut grass gardens that are adorned with big bushes of Christmas roses, fully stocked fridges and summer night braais accompanied with gooey, chocolatey peppermint crisp tart, ripe watermelons and 80’s rock classics (and maybe even some sokkie music). If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you must be the Grinch. Because for me, words that are synonymous with December are joy, laughter, celebration, and fun. And if this is too cliché for you, then maybe the Christmas-spirit-bug (most likely a type of mosquito) just hasn’t bitten you yet. But I can help with that. This month at Le Riche Naturals, we’re inviting you to join in on the celebrations,...

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