Helping to heal Eczema

"Le Riche Naturals Rich Body ganache for sensitive skin has enabled me to wean my daughter from cortizones that was not a sustainable solution for her eczema. After using it for a year I can say that her skin looks bettter than it has ever looked and we need less and less of the cream. Her skin is nourished and healing itself without damaging medical interventions. I am grateful to have discovered such a wonderful product that gives my daughter better quality of life. Thank you Le Riche Naturals!"


Marelé Dicks, Western Cape, South Africa

Feedback like this, from a Mommy struggling with her daughter's eczema touches my heart, because I know exactly how it feels. It is frankly the reason I started formulating in the first place. My own daughter also suffered with eczema. I've suffered with eczema. 

I would like to help more people suffering with eczema. Please feel free to use this discount code on our website to purchase the Rich Hand and Body Ganache for Sensitive Skin at a 10% discount. ECZEMA123 

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