Essential Oil of the Month – June: Sea buckthorn Oil (Hippophae rhamnoides Fruit Oil)

Winter is unofficially here and with that comes the continuous longing for sunshine, warmer weather and holidays. Well, for this month’s essential oil of the month we’ve chosen the ‘do-it-all’ oil with the colour of a midsummer sunset that will help with those winter blues.

Introducing Sea buckthorn fruit oil, a bright yellow/orange/crimson oil that is extracted from Fanta coloured berries that are packed with nutrients. The berries grow on shrubs found naturally in mountainous and coastal regions of Asia and Europe. It is a wildcrafted ingredient and only harvested from places where it grows naturally.

The medicinal use of the berries dates back many centuries. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, Ancient Greek Mythology and Ayurvedic Medicine. The natural berry is sweet and can be consumed to help you heal your body from the inside out. In Russia, it is commonly brewed as tea and is delicious when served with honey and herbs.

Sea buckthorn is rich in antioxidants and contains an incredible 190 nutrients and phytonutrients (cancer-fighters). In fact, the vitamin C concentration in sea buckthorn is 12 times higher than that of an orange which we all know is undeniably the South African population’s main source of vit C this winter (not to mention the Cal-C-vita and all the other supplements). Wait, what? Don’t worry, I also had to reread that mind-blowing fact. If you aren’t aware, vitamin C is the “beauty vitamin” thanks to its ability to brighten the skin, reduce inflammation and boost collagen for plumper, firmer skin. It is highly concentrated in all four of the omega fatty acids, which in itself is a testimony for its name as the ‘almighty wonder oil’. It also has remarkable anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and can benefit all skin types.

The substances in the oil that contribute to the regeneration process are vitamin E (antioxidant), beta-carotene (provitamin A) which is responsible for the oil’s alluring colour, palmitic and palmitoleic acid which supports the skin’s barrier function and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, sea buckthorn is a valuable ingredient in the Le Riche Naturals apothecary. It is found in our restorative Cape Mountain Youth Elixir, the luxurious Regenerating Night Balm and in our truly Brightening Face Mask.

Conquer the winter blues with a summer (out)look on life - channel your inner tranquillity and ensure your skin receives the love it deserves by using the Cape Mountain Youth Elixir and Regenerating night balm every night or according to your skin’s needs. Or mix up your usual breakfast for something a little more exotic by using the berries in your morning smoothie bowl for an immunity boost. Who says Winter must be the enemy?