African Lemon Bush

by Lushinka Louw |

Ah, the essential oil that has ruined a good many blends...Use with caution!

If you are trying to add a mossy, green and somewhat singular tone to your fragrance blend, this is what Lippia Javanica can help to do. When blended pleasingly, it imparts the pleasant mossy scent of ferns in a typical mountain kloof (gorge), to the blend. If it is not enveloped by a sturdy well balanced blend, you might find it overwhelms with the fragrance of rotting plant rotting ferns in a kloof...which some animals used as a toilet...

It certainly takes some practice to use in blends, but it is well worth it, simply for it's uniqueness and lovely medicinal value.

I find it pairs well with mint and citrus essential oils and Coleonema Album, but it pairs terribly with Buchu (Betulina). That blend might be reserved for air fresheners when your guests have overstayed their welcome... 

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