When you have oily skin, less oil isn’t always better…


We tend to strip oily skin of all excess oils and mattify the life out of it. This is not the answer, especially if you have sensitive oily skin.  


Three very basic rules govern my approach to oily skin. The first rule is that the skin is a self-regulating organ. Our skin works day and night to maintain itself. In short, if the skin is good at producing oil and we strip it of all its oils, we might find it starts producing oil with a vengeance. Keep it gentle, but cleanse deeply. The second rule is to use oils with the correct fatty acid composition. Here, it is especially important to look at non-comedogenic oils that are exceptionally high in Omega 6. The third rule is to provide gentle yet effective active ingredients to deal with specific issues.


Having oily skin can be a wonderful advantage, but it also needs extra care. Be gentle with oily skin: nourish it, assure it, balance it and you will find it becomes a calmer version of itself.


Simple, easy yet powerful strategies that complements a good skin care regime are: Drink 2L of pure water daily (rainwater, spring water or filtered water). Have one meal per day that consists of fresh fruit and vegetables (to load up on free-radical fighting anti-oxidants). Avoid deep fried food, especially if you know that oil has been frying for days on end. Fried food contains super high levels of AGE’s (Advanced glycation end-product) that promotes aging.