• Microfibre cleansing mitten - SMITTEN
  • Microfibre cleansing mitten - SMITTEN
  • Microfibre cleansing mitten - SMITTEN

Microfibre cleansing mitten - SMITTEN

R 110.00


Smitten, the smart microfibre cleansing mitten, is an excellent complement to our Luxe oil Cleansers. 

After listening to my customer's needs, I realised that removing eye make-up quickly and effectively was an issue I needed to address. I looked at various options and in the end found the option I liked best and enjoy using myself. These mittens gets into every nook and cranny and cleanses beautifully. It's especially great at removing eye make-up without the use of harsh chemicals. This fits in with our ethos here at Le Riche Naturals perfectly!

Everybody will find what works best for their skin. Personally, I use the Luxe oil cleanser for the gentle yet deep penetrating action that loosens black heads and impurities, leaving my skin hydrated and soft. My skin can't stand too much exfoliation, so I only use the Smitten when I wear make-up or find that I need a squeeky clean feeling skin. All in all, I find that having a great Cleanser and a Smitten, takes care of all my cleansing needs.

What's more: Wet the Smitten with some cold water, press it against your skin for a quick tone, sealing in moisture after your cleanse.   

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