7. Mature Skin Care Kit

7. Mature Skin Care Kit

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This skin care kit contains 6 products designed to rebuild and revitalise dry, dull and mature skin.

Sweet Orange Luxe Oil Cleanser: Ultra hydrating and never drying, the sweet orange essential oil in the cleanser is believed to stimulate the formation of collagen in skin. 

Polishing Face Scrub: Natural ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour and rounded apricot kernel exfoliant removes dead skin cells, freshens skin and prepares it to readily absorb the following products.

Brightening Face Mask: Containing the citrus bioflavonoid, Hesperidin, this mask strengthens the capillaries in the skin, helping to prevent broken capillaries. It is also deeply nourishing, brightening and stimulates cell renewal. 

Cape Mountain Youth Elixir: Containing approximately 65% Essential Fatty Acids and  6600IU Co-Enzyme Q10 per 100ml, this Elixir targets the energy centre of skin cells, invigorating and stimulating cell renewal. 

Regenerating Night Balm: Rich in Omega 3,6,7,9, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and bursting with naturally occuring carotenoids (precursor to Vitamin A), this product is highly nourishing and restorative. 

Miracle Moisturiser: Rich in Hyaluronic Acid (the skin's natural hydrating factor) and phospholipids, this product is all about leaving your skin hydrated and velvelty soft. For an additional hydration boost, layer this moisturiser over the Cape Mountain Youth Elixir or the Regenerating Night Balm.