Men’s Grooming Workshop with Eden Classens

Men’s Grooming Workshop with Eden Classens

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Join Eden Classens as he takes you on a journey to discover the perfect routine for your male grooming needs. Learn about indigenous ingredients, classic nourishing oils and how to create your own natural fragranced BEARD OIL or AFTERSHAVE OIL.

Gourmet tapas, cold beer and wine are included to ensure participants are refreshed, relaxed and ready to unleash their creativity. This is a hands-on experience where each participant blends their own product under expert guidance.

Included in this package is:

1. A guide to all the ingredients you will be using on the day.

2. Access to a large palette of quality natural skincare and fragrance ingredients.

3. Your own kit with everything you need to make your own beard oil or aftershave oil.

4. Expert Guidance

5. A prize for the best fragrance of the day

6. Gourmet Tapas and Refreshments

Limited space is available.